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Tusk vs Rumint - Create and Conquer Contest

The world is plunged into chaos, the war between two ancient races that transcends the conquest of the abyss, the race "Tusk" who his current boss Quimo, brutally confront the "Rumint" race to control and destroy each other, although each sector of the army watches its own interests. The player will take the role as guide of his army in the conquest of the abyss having the possibility to belong to any of the races and their abilities in combat, taking settlements to generate an advantage in battle and an objective of conquest of the land, with management of resources and taking portions of the environment that are strategically important to win the game.

Juanda rico bocetos conquer

Quimo - Chief from the race "Tusk"

Juanda rico caper

Caper - Chief from the race "Rumint"

Juanda rico poster conquer


Juanda rico process