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-What a Promo-

-The Lucha Hero's Music Sounds and The former Champion is right here and interrupts.

"Look who's arrived to my Party, is the Lucha Loser, how is your back?" - The Shocker

"Gimme that Mic. Do you think this is a Joke?" - The Lucha Hero Morgan

"Yes, It's really hilarious, you know. You cry after the chair against your back and the tears after you loss." - TS

"You don't deserve that, I'm the real Champion." - TLHM

"You are the Champion? The one who has the Belt in his shoulder is me, you have bandage, but you are a real Dick, Morgan, You think you deserve the entire attention. You are selfish, you buried so many young boys, just because you think your time never gonna end, but let me tell you somethink Hero, I'm the new Pimp right now and you are just a memory." - TS

"You need to take care about your words young boy, 'cause in REVENGE PPV I beat your Ass and that Tittle comeback to my shoulder." - THLM

"We'll see, 'cause that night you'll be my little bitch again." - TS